Stock Work

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Complete custom stock includes: Hand Inletting 95 to 98% Contact, Pillar Bedding, Final Shaping & Hand Oil Finishing, Grip Cap, Recoil Pad,  Basic 4 Panel, Checkering, Inlet Swivel Studs




Complete Custom Stock: Rifle, Mouser, M70, Sako

Starting $5,000.00

Complete Custom Stock: Shotgun/Single Shot, Ruger #1, Hi-Wall

Starting $5,400.00

Complete Custom Stock: Leaver Action Rifle, Win94, BLR

Complete Custom Stock: Rifle, Rem 700, other Round  Action

Starting $4,100.00

Starting $4,700.00

Base Price for "Basic Stock"

.002 -.005 over duplication of standard pattern with full bedding of action

Recoil pad only, only pattern model is LOP, No forend tip

No grip cap and No checkering

Wood stain optional - polyurethane spray on finish








Ebony Tip (wood included)


Steel Forend Tip

Starting $750.00

Skeleton Grip Cap

$400.00 + Parts

Skeleton Butt Plate (bordered and checkered)

$950.00 + Parts

Solid steel Butt Plate

$500.00 + Parts

Schnabel Forend


Trap Door Grip Cap

$250.00 + Parts

Trap Door Butt Plate

$700.00 + Parts

High Gloss Finish

Basic Four Panel Checkering

Starting $300.00

Starting $400.00

Checkering with Upgrade

By Quote

Stock Duplication: 1 pc. Rifle Stock Machined,                                           semi-inlet, .035”-.050” on outside .015”-.025” on inside per side

Starting $250.00

Stock Duplication: 2 pcs. Rifle or Shotgun,                                                    semi-inlet, butt 250, forend 150

Starting $400.00

1 to 1 Duplication Rifle 1pc Bed metalwork to pattern


1 to 1 Duplication Rifle 1pc Blank to bedded pattern

Starting $300.00

Machine for Skeleton Grip Cap


Machine for Skeleton Butt Plate


Pedistil Sling Swivel Pads


Inlet Swivel Bases


Modify Pattern by the Hour

Per Hour $70.00

Install Grip Cap and Time Screw (Dressel Grip Cap)

Install Other Grip Cap and Time Screws



Install Ebony Forend Tip Standard Basic (Glue on Block)


Install Ebony Forend Tip Deluxe (shape to stock)


Install Recoil Pad

Install Recoil Pad (cutting stock)

$75.00 + Pad

$95.00 + Pad

Install Swivel Bases

$200.00 + Parts

Hand Inlet Metal To Stock

Starting $400.00

Simple Bed Stock, Lug Area Only


Pillar bed Action Front & Back G-10 Pillars


Pillar bed & Inlet Synthetic Stock or Lam


Open up Barrel Channel for Heavy Barrel

Starting $125.00

Install Aftermarket Bottom Metal

Starting $150.00

Install Screw in Uncle Mikes Swivel Studs (set)


Refinish Stock

Starting $400.00

Install Cross Bolt (Talley)

$100.00 each

Install Internal Cross Bolt with Ebony Cap

Install Hidden Cross Bolt

$125.00 each

$35.00 each

Leather Covered Pad w/ Spur


Recoil Pad w/ Spur