Selling Policy

 All wood is air-dried to approximately 6 to 9 % moisture content or less. The average mean humidity in this area is approximately 17%. This is way below the national average. We have only 7 1/2 to 9 inches of precipitation per year in this area. There is a lot of controversy as to how dry wood should be. Our feelings are that it needs be no dryer than the area where it is going to be kept. There are those who think it should be aged beyond drying 2-3 years; we'll not argue that point one way or the other. All the blanks we have for sale are a minimum of three years dry. We've used wood that was a year old and wood that was ten years old or older and they both shrank or moved. Wood is wood and is not completely predictable. The more figure a piece of wood has, the greater the chance it will be flawed. The best figured blanks we have ever used, we had to patch. We'll be happy to discuss any of this with you.

We do not put finish on our blanks. We feel that finish seals the wood and no longer allows the wood to continue to age after it is dried.

All wood is 100% guaranteed against internal flaws ( wind shake, bark pockets, pruned knots and shrink pockets.) In all of our years as stock makers and wood dealers, we have only had to replaced one stock that we sold with shake ( internal cracks that follows the grain flow and not seen from the outside.) We had one blank a customer provided that had an internal shrink pocket, normally caused by kiln drying at too high of a temperature. The blank was hollow inside.
Should a blank be found to have an internal flaw that is not repairable, we'll replace it with a blank of equal value. Most California English walnut is orchard wood and has been pruned and pin knots are quite common. Its also common with highly figured wood to have small checks and drying cracks which are repairable. Generally we don't consider these small cracks internal flaws.
All blanks are planed, edges trimmed, ends cut and inspected for flaws before being put up for sale.
Our goal is your satisfaction and a long term working relationship. We feel once you see the quality of our large inventory, we think you'll be back for your next stocking project. If you have any questions please feel free to call us and we'll be happy to help you.  
All Wood Is Shipped U.P.S.
Cost plus shipping and insurance. All U.P.S. shipments will be shipped ground delivery two to seven working days acording to location. Can be shipped faster, please inquire about cost. Oversea packages will be shipped first class U.S.P.O. delivery acording to location one to three weeks.
Return Policy:
Two weeks from date shipped. No wood will be accepted that has had finish applied or that has been altered in any way. The best way to see wood is to wet it with alcohol or water. Water is the safest way. It will dry back out in a day or two.
Return is less shipping and insurance.
Money order or certified check.
Washington State - Add 8.2% Sales Tax
Prices subject to change without notice
We retain the right to charge a 15% restocking fee on returned items.
Discount To Trade ~ Please Inquire
Seller Reserves The Right To Change Prices At Any Time.
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If you feel that we are not following the guidlines of this policy, you may contact us at the above phone number.