Shotgun Work

Dressel’s Gun Shop ~ 509-426-2770


Shotgun Work


General Shop Charge (minimum $40.00)

Pattern Shotgun (does not include ammo, targets,etc.)

$70.00 hr.


General Clean, Oil and Inspect Shotgun, Function Check (pumps, single shots)

                                                                         (semi autos) 

                                                                         (over under / side by side)  




Cut Barrel & Re-Crown

Drill and Tap Barrel or Receiver (per hole)



Install Front or Mid Bead on Shotgun

$25.00 + parts

Install Front Sight Blade (screw-on style)

                                    (sweat-on style)  (does not include refinishing)

                               (banded front style)  (does not include refinishing)

$70.00 + parts

$105.00 + parts

per hour + parts

Polish Chamber   (Per Barrel If Double)


Install Receiver Sights

Scope Mounting

Install Aftermarket Stock

Install Aftermarket Accessories (ammo holder, lights, lasers, toasters, blenders)

Refinish Stock - No Checkering Work (spray on finish only) 

Refinish Stock with Recut Checkering 

$70.00 + parts

$105.00 + parts

$70.00 + parts

 per hour + parts

starting at $200.00

starting at $400.00

Replace Front or Mid Bead


Install Sling Swivel (per set)

$70.00 + parts

Install Recoil Pad (Pad Not Included)


Cut Stock and Install Recoil Pad


Install Recoil Reducer in Butt Stock  (Reducer Not Included)


Drill Stock Install Recoil Reducer  (Reducer Not Included)