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Cover...The 1995 American Custom Gunmakers Guild rifle
is a Winchester Model 21 .405 Winchester Double Rifle.
Photo by Mustafa Bilal.


Dave Scovill                    


A.C.G.G. #11 American Double Rifle


This year's #11 American Custom Gunmakers Guild
rifle is an example that ex-emplifies how the work of
the gun builder has evolved.

    Metalsmith Tony Fleming stockmaker Paul Dressel
Jr. and engraver Ralph Bone have created a double rifle that is a rarity to the Amer-ican gun making trade. Casemaker Marvin Huey
has constructed a quality French fitted leather case
that merits such a treasure. The interior of the case is
a forest green ultra suede
that shows off the overall
high quality of the total
    Some  fortunate  indivi-
dual  will  win  the .405 Win-chester  double  rifle  for $20.00,  the  price  of a rifle ticket.  The  raffle  will be
held  January  29,  1995.
(The  ticket  holder  need
not  be  present  to win.)

    Tony  Fleming  initiated
the project of modifying a Winchester  Model  21  to convert  it  to  a .405 Win-chester rifle, beginning by disassembling   the   20-
gauge  barrels  and  fitting
them with .411 inserts and chambering  them  for  the
.405  Winchester. Fleming
then reassembled the bar-
rels , fabricated and fit the
loop,  quarter  rib,  barrel wedges, sights, extractors and ribs. He designed and
fit the receiver discs (remov-able with spanner). A larger hinge pin was installed and
barrels fit to achieve a tight-
er  fit  at  breech  and water table.
    The  barrels  and sights were  regulated  at  100
yards  with  56  grains  of
IMR-3031  behind  a  300-grain  Barnes  softpoint  or 300-grain Barnes X-bullet. The  muzzle  velocity  is
2,150 to 2,200 fps.

    Paul  Dressel decided upon   Bastogne  walnut,
which  is  half  black  and
half  English  walnut.  The forend  was  taken  out  of
the   same  block  as  the buttstock.  Dressel's  basic stock   dimensions   were borrowed   from  an exist
-ing double rifle.

    A buttplate was made from a block of horn and
is of shotgun dimensions.
It is checkered 22 lpi.

    A  large,  English  style Dressel   grip   cap   was
made   with   no   external screws   so   that   Ralph
Bone,    the    engraver,
could inscribe a grizzly's
head  on  it. It  is attached
blind behind the extended trigger  guard  tang. The
rear  sling  swivel  is  for
English style sling hooks
and is mounted forward
in the same style.

    Dressel designed a for-
end  that  is  not  a splinter
style  nor  a  beavertail. By incorporating   panels   at
the junction of the receiver,
it  was possible to give a
little   more   hand-filling dimensions without the bulk of  semi  or  full  beavertail.
This  lends itself to quicker handling  and  less  bulk.

 For  the  final  touches  of
the stock,  Dressel checker-ed  on  the  main  panels  a point pattern style with mul-lered borders and is done 26  lpi.  The panels  are a combination  of  point and fill-in pattern of 32 lpi.
    Ralph Bone was asked
to  engrave  the  American Double Rifle from a paint-
ing  by  Haydon  Lamson, "Unwilling to Share."
    Bone  chose  a  moose
and  bison  for companion scenes  that are framed in
24  karat  gold  line  work.
The scenes are done med-ium   to  deep relief engrav-ing.  One  scene  shows  a prairie  dog  looking  up at
the  bison  and  one  must
look  closely  to  see  the
hawk in the sky. The other scene has a moose walk-
ing through dead timber.
The rest of the engravings
is on open leaf scroll.
    Doug Turnbull rust blued the  barrels  and  polished
the  muzzle,  breech  face
and  action  lugs. Turnbull
also color casehardened
the forend tip and grip cap. The triggers, safety, butt-plated screws, rear slings stud and forend are nitrate blue. The receiver is char-coal blue and Ralph Bone did French gray treatment
to the scenes.
    Don Horsfield handcraft-ed and donated a sling and a four-cartrige holder made of English leather pigskin.


Ralph Bone
718 North Atlanta
Owasso OK 74055
918 272-9745

Paul Dressel, Jr.
5808A Summitview #200
Yakima WA 98908
(509) 966-9233

Tony Fleming
375 Hyacinth Street
Sparks NV 89436
(702) 331-1937
Marvin Huey, Jr.
PO Box 22456
Kansas City MO 64113
(816) 444-1637

Doug Turnbull
6426 County Road 30
Holcomb NY 14469
(716) 657-6338

PO Box 113
Terrace, B.C.
Canada V1C 4A2
(250) 638-7746
Fax:   638-7963


All Photographs by Mastafa Bilal,
5429 Russell Avenue, N.W., Seattle WA