Precision Stock Inletting Service

Option 1:
Fully Inletted Stock
Customers Action is Fully Bedded to a shop pattern or we'll use a good pattern made by customer. Inletting is machined to .003 to .007 undersized and the outside is machined to .030to .040 thousands oversized. Then the metal work is hand inletted into the stock for full contact. The outside is left for the customer to final shape, sand and finish.This service starts at $750.00   Call for details
All option 1 jobs are bid by the job once all the customer's needs are known. We will give a written bid for the completed job.
Please note the above service is bases on a classic pattern with customer's choice of cheek piece.

Option 2:
One to One stock cut to a shop pattern.
Customer sends metal work that is then bedded to a shop pattern. Stock is cut .003 to .007 undersized on the inletting and .030 to .040 oversized on the outside. The customer finishes the inletting of the metal and final shopping.
This service starts at $550.00
All jobs are bid for the customer before work starts. With all custom work there are many variables in each job. Once all the factors are known in a project then a price can be given. Our goal is to give you the best possible product at a fair price.  

Option 3:
Stock Machined to Customers Pattern
Customer sends metal work and his or her own pattern. The stock is cut to customers pattern .003 to .007 undersized on the inletting and .030 to .040 oversized on the outside.
Remember the quality of the final product is only as good as the quality of a pattern.
Option 3:  Price starts at $350.00

Option 4:
Basic Semi-inlet
Stock cut to customers pattern or old take off stock .025 to .040 undersized on the inletting and .030 to .050 oversized on the outside.
Option 4:  Price starts at $250.00

Pattern For Your Project

We will rough cut a piece of pattern wood that you the customer can bed your metal work into. You shape the outside to your specks and then send it back to us to have your blank machined to your pattern.   Price starts at $250.00 - Labor Only
Pattern Blank $50.00 per blank

Paul Dressel Pattern

Also available is a stock cut to Paul Dressel's own custom pattern, ( slim, open grip, Schnabel forend, cheek piece ) Photos Available

For Paul's Pattern Add: $250.00

All Prices Shown are for Labor Only

We will examine each blank and set it up in the duplicator to get the most flash and best layout possible.
Any modification to customers pattern or metal work will be invoiced at the shop rate of $70.00 per hour.
The prices shown are for 98 mauser and M70. If your project is a two-piece stock, shotgun or rifle. Please call so we can discuss your project and quote you an accurate price.