In The Blood
A Film By George Butler
A Safari Into The Past In Search Of The Future.
In this gripping tale of hunter and hunted, In The Blood documents two African safaris separated by nearly eighty years. The first, led in 1909 by President Roosevelt, is represented by rare historical footage from the Smithsonian Institute. The President's great-grandson retraces his ancestor's trail in 1986, and explores the role of the hunter in today's world while pursuing African big game. Physically linking the modern safari with the one four generations earlier is the presence of what is said to be the most valuable rifle in the entire world. First carried by President Roosevelt, the Holland & Holland rifle is a star in its own right on the later safari.
Narrated by a young boy on the brink of manhood, all of the hunter's truest emotions are honestly portrayed as we follow the boy on his first big kill. Brilliant cinematography and a stirring soundtrack combine to overwhelm the senses with the natural magnificence that is Africa.
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The Art of Fishing:
The Unique Art Of Hogging Giant Catfish
Hogging-Logging-Noodling-Giant Catfish
No matter what it's called where, it's SPECTACULAR! Men using only bare hands jerk huge catfish from sunken logs. You'll say it's ASTONISHING, NEARLY UNBELIEVABLE, THE MOST AMAZING ADVENTURE YOU'VE EVER SEEN! These giant catfish are almost as long as the men are tall.
     Art Reid Teleproductions guarantees this amazing videotape contains the most dramatic scenes ever filmed about the little known practice of HOGGING GIANT CATFISH!
     Now, for the first time, personally witness three men capture immense flathead catfish in the Kaskaskia River of Illinois.
     And that's not all! Just for warmer-uppers they also catch with bare hands “small” channel catfish plus a carp or two.
     Whether it's Hogging, Logging, Noodling, this is a unique experience you'll never forget.
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The Art Of Fishing Illinois
Fishing Illinois
Where, When & How!
Hogging Giant Catfish by men using bare hands is widely acclaimed the most spectacular fishing event of its kind ever filmed. And it's here, the amazing story of three men catching by hand huge flathead catfish nearly as long as the men are tall. But this is only one thrilling feature among ten places and ways to catch more fish in Illinois. From Lake Michigan to Cairo, from coho salmon to bluegill, bass, channel catfish to white bass and more, all your favorite fish and how to catch them, brought to you by Art Reid Productions, your reliable source of fishing information in Illinois for more then 20 years. Featuring this state's expert anglers. Filmed dramatically, beautifully, on locations.
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