Barrel Work

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Install Barrel, Includes: True Bolt Lug Faces, True Bolt Face, Lap Lugs to Receiver, Face Action (Grind Recoil Lug if 700 Type) Thread, Chamber, Head Space Cut to Length, Crown, Spin Polish to 320 grit.




Install barrel Mauser 98


Install barrel Leaver Action


Install barrel Rem 700


Install barrel other Bolt Actions


Install barrel Win M70


Single Shot #1


Simple Barrel Install / No Action Work


Reamer Charge


Barrel Set Back: Recut chamber to headspace


Barrel Set Back with sights or extractor cut


Re-crown Barrel (can shorten if desired)


Hand Polish Barrel, ripple free


Custom Barrel Profile

Starting $100.00

Tapered Octagon Profile Machined


Tapered Octagon Profile Polish to 320 by hand


Polish Out Octagon Barrel to 400


Open Bolt Face to mag M70 Mauser 98


Time Fluted Barrel


Add 2nd Recoil Lug on Barrel

Starting $175.00

Thread Muzzle for Brake or Suppressor


Muzzle Brake Tri-Circle Style


Time other Brake


Muzzle Thread Cap


Fit & Install Quarter Rib

Starting $800.00

Custom Barrel Profile with Integral Features: i.e. Quarter Rib, Full Rib, Front Ramp, Swivel Base, 2nd Lug

Starting $1,200.00

Install Banded Front Ramp


Install Banded Swivel Base


Install Rear Island Sight Base


Reline .22 Barrel (parts not included)

Starting at $95.00